Facebook Chaos

This week it appears Facebook is having a rough go of it. In addition to a blow to its optics thanks to the Wall Street Journal’s series “The Facebook Files,” and CBS’s 60 Minutes’ whistleblower piece, Facebook and other Facebook-owned sites have gone dark.  

According to Reuters, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp (and as reported by other sites, Oculus) all went down for users across the globe. As of 4:30pm Monday October 4th, 2021, it appears the media giant is still in the process of trying to restore its services. (Update: As of 5:02p.m., it appears Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are up and running marking the end of a nearly 6 hour blackout.)

Facebook CTO Mark Schroepfer tweeted out apologies stating, “We are experiencing networking issues and teams are working as fast as possible to debug and restore as fast as possible.”

While early speculation pointed to Domain Name System (DNS) failures, the problem appears to be deeper. Instagram is also down, and its DNS service is hosted on Amazon rather than Facebook. Thus, the issue may be related to the parent company’s Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).

In addition to this blow, New York Times technology reporter Sheera Frenkel claims that Facebook employees have been unable to enter company buildings due to badge access issues related to the blackout.

With all the chaos, some have been left speculating that Facebook may be entering its twilight season.

Post by: CJ Fisher

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  1. Joy Fisher says:

    Interesting 🤔 I wonder if those events are connected?


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